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The Future of Electric Heating Lot 20 Compliance

What Is the Purpose of The New Regulation?

On the 1st January 2018, a new regulation affecting “the ecodesign requirements for local space heaters” will be implemented. This derives from an EU Commission Regulation which was transposed into UK Law under the Energy Related Products Regulations (ERP) and is sometimes referred to as “Lot 20”.

The new Regulation is intended to reduce harmful emissions whilst, also providing greater fuel efficiency for the consumer.

How Does the New Regulation Affect the UK Electric Heating Market?

The new Regulation applies to all products sold in the UK and the EU. Regardless of them being manufactured in the EU or elsewhere in the world, all manufacturers products on the market will be affected in exactly the same way.

Products Affected

  • Electric “commercial” local space heaters
  • Electric “storage” local space heaters
  • Electric “fixed” local space heaters
  • Electric “portable” local space heaters
  • Electric “underfloor” local space heaters
  • Electric “radiant” local space heaters

Plus, any local space heaters that use gaseous or liquid fuels.

In plain and simple terms, this new Regulation impacts products by enhancing them with a minimum standard of temperature control and programming along with a selection of other features such as presence detection, open window detection, distant control options and adaptive start, etc.

All of these enhancements are designed to improve efficiency which in turn will reduce running costs & carbon emissions.

Elnur Are Prepared for The New Regulations

Elnur have been aware of the new Regulation for a considerable time and have been very busy with research & development to ensure that our product portfolio will be fully compliant by the end of 2017, before the new Regulation comes into effect.

Product Changes

How Will Existing Products Be Changed?

Some products already meet the new requirements and these will not require change. However, some existing products will be able to qualify with “add-on components” or upgraded with additional features. e.g. The Elnur Connected Range. Unfortunately some products will be discontinued altogether. We will also be introducing some new products which will comply with the new regulations.

Click here for a full list of products that will be continued and discontinued.

What are the Key Product Changes to Expect

Existing Elnur; Manual, Automatic, Combined  and Fan assisted storage heaters will be DISCONTINUED

A new range of Elnur “Smart” Storage Heaters will be Launched, this will include:

  • ECOMBI HHR – high heat retention storage heaters (Already Launched)
  • ECOMBI SSH – Standard storage heaters
  • Diligens – Electric Oil Free Radiators with wifi connectivity. (Already Launched)
  • Refinemeant of our other radiator ranges with intergrated additional features.
  • A new range of Panel heaters with 7 day electronic programmer and other features.
  • A new control for our Towel Rail range

When will Elnur Start to Launch New Products

Elnur started to make the changes in september 2016 by bringing out the Elnur Connected range. Elnur then brought out the Elnur ECOMBI HHR in July 2017. Elnur will continue to release new products in time for the new regulation changes at the end of 2017.

Who Can Sell Non-Compliant Products

Can Wholesalers Still Sell Existing Stock That Does Not Comply?

The simply answer is yes. The regulations prevent manufacturers from making non-compliant products available to the market after 1st January 2018 only. Wholesalers can continue to sell their existing stocks. As manufacturers will not be able to offer non-compliant products after 1st January 2018, the market will naturally filter over to the new, compliant ranges.

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Mirrorstone Infrared Heating Panels

Mirrorstone Infrared Heating Panels are set to revolutionise the way people heat their homes and businesses. Combining energy-efficient technology with old fashioned common sense, IR heaters don’t just save money they also save a great deal of space and the environment, too!

Just 22mm thick, they can be installed on walls or ceilings, freeing up the space once occupied by ugly, wasteful storage heaters. This means they’re out of the reach of inquisitive hands, and actually a lot safer to use than conventional wall heaters.

Their radically different way of heating means they can be switched off for a great deal of the time while the room remains warm. As a result, users’ electricity bills can plummet by up to 60% in comparison with traditional convection heating.

As if this weren’t enough, IR panels are built to last…between 25 and 30 years, and will require no maintenance whatsoever during that time. And, they’re manufactured using 100% recyclable materials so they’ll cause no harm when they do finally reach the end of their life.

To learn more about Mirrorstone’s IR Panel Heaters, please call Electric centre Ltd on 0121743 9990  and visit the website at: or

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Solar LED PIR wall light

Electric Centre Solihull are pleased to Introduce the New LED range from Luceco Solar Guardian LED Wall Light ideal for spaces where there is no mains power. With the built-in PIR sensor automatically lights up walkways. balconies, sheds and outbuildings when detecting movement.

  • 180 lumens
  • 1.5W LED
  • 4000K Natural White
  • 83Llm/W
  • IP44 Rated
  • White or Black finish

  • Front and rear facing LED light chips provide both functional and ambient illumination
  • Automatically turns onto standby glow mode when it gets dark (<30lux) and boosts to full power when occupancy detected
  • Perfect for outdoor entrance areas, balconies, paths, decorative garden lighting, and sheds/outhouses
  • No wiring, easy & simple installation

Also ask about the Luceco Solar Guardian Floodlight and Wall Lanterns



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EV Car Charger

EV Car Charger

Electric vehicles are no longer a futuristic concept. With over 108K electric cars on the road, find out how installing charge points can be a brilliant opportunity for contractors in the here and now.

The Electric vehicle market in the UK

EV is a rapidly growing sector. Between 2013 and 2016 alone, the market more than doubled from 35,000 to 80,000 electric vehicles registered in the UK; as of this August that number has increased by a further 28,000. That’s 108,000 electric vehicles currently operating on UK roads. With battery life improving all the time, and flexible hybrid options making EV increasingly accessible, that rate of growth looks set to climb.


As such, the opportunities in the EV charging market are huge for electrical contractors. With every new EV registration, the demand for EV Car charger points intensifies – each new Electrical Vehicle purchased or leased is a new domestic charge point that needs to be installed, or a communal charge point that needs to be extended. The more electric cars on the roads, the more charge points need to be fitted into petrol stations, car parks and high streets, work places and homes, in cities and remote spots across the country.

In short , So what are the opportunities – and how can Electric Centre Hobs Moat help you to take them?

Click here to open the PDF for more information: Rolec car charger EVWPD004 WALLPOD

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Local supplier of busbar trunking from Electric Centre

bus bars from Electric Centre

Busbar Trunking from Electric Centre

Manufactured by Graziadio, a range of busbar products, call Electric Centre in Solihull with your requirements.

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Electric Centre sponsor local grass roots football team Arden Forest for the 2016/17 season

Arden Forest FC is a volunteer run organisation with 17 teams ranging from under 7’s to under 16’s. Based in Birmingham close to Electric Centre, who are very pleased to be sponsoring Arden Forest Football for the 2016/17 Season.


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Can I buy online from Electric Centre

We have an e-commerce shop under consideration where you could buy online from Electric Centre for the future and would be interested in your thoughts about the usefulness of such a site for our customers – please do drop us your thoughts at what would you like to see such a site offer? Click and collect? Postal delivery? Ability to access stock levels in real time? Just let us know so that we can feed that into our development plans. Thank you.

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Can I still buy red bulbs for electric fires?

Yes, we do sell the red bulbs for electric fires. These lamps are available for various fittings including the three-pin bayonet type to suit flame-effect fires..


fireglow gls

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Can I still buy ‘old-fashioned’ filament bulbs?

Filament bulbs: Yes – we still stock such lamps, but from early 2015 it will become illegal to manufacture or import the old fashioned filament type of bulb into the EU, so we will be expanding our existing advice on better, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly options and alternatives.

For example here is an example of an LED filament bulb, one of the newest developments in bulb technology.

LED filament replacement bulb